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The History of AW Technologies - A Danish Medical Device company focusing on developing disruptive and innovating airway management products for the ICU

Dr. Alberto Zanella had spent many years researching on how he could improve the quality of care of his patients in the ICU, as the current equipment on the market did not live up to his standards. Therefore, he actually started with the invention of a special intubation tube with suctioning at the tip, which could then via a lumen be suctioned out non-invasively.

This invention has many great advantages compared to current equipment, but lacked the removal of the secretion right below the cuff of the intubation tube.

Therefore, he came up with the idea of creating an Artifical Cough Maneuver for the patient by deflating the cuff while the patient was inhaling. So, he set out to develop a prototype to in pigs and simulation setups test and verify its efficacy, which he did and the results was published around the same time he together with four MedTech Entrepreneurs found AW Technologies and set to bring his invention to market. 

So, in November of 2018 the team of AW Technologies focused on taking the prototype and develop a fully commercially available product, which today is known as TrachFlush™, and was for the first time introduced to the market in Mid-2020, where it was also CE Marked.

Following the commercialization, TrachFlush™ has received numerous registrations and approvals across the world, including the FDA Clearance in April 2023, and AW Technologies is working towards bringing TrachFlush™ to all patients across the world.

You can read more about TrachFlush™ here:

You can contact us here to learn more about AW Technologies or TrachFlush™: Press here to contact us


Special intubation tube with suctioning at the tip.


TrachFlush™ prototype.

TrachFlush Picture - On-Off Bottom.png

TrachFlush™ product.

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