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AW Technologies is a Danish medical device company providing innovative airway solutions for ICU mechanically ventilated patients

AW Technologies History

In mid 2018, Prof. Alberto Zanella (Università degli Studi di Milano, Italy) teamed up with experienced MedTech entrepreneurs from Denmark, with the objective of bringing his invention TrachFlush to market.


In late 2018, AW Technologies was founded, and R&D was initiated for TrachFlush.

In 2020 the TrachFlush R&D was finalized and TrachFlush was CE Marked.  

In early 2021, TrachFlush was launched in selected European countries, and simultaneously, clinical trials were initiated, demonstrating TrachFlush' Flush efficacy.

In early 2022, TrachFlush was launched in India.

End of 2022, the clinical trials demonstrated that TrachFlush could reduce the need for tracheal suctioning > 90%. (Articles can be found here). 

In early 2023, TrachFlush was FDA Cleared and launched in the USA.

Contact us, send us an E-mail, or visit the TrachFlush web-site here

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